Awaken The Genius

A genius is an especially creative person with high intellectual capabilities. A question that comes to our mind is: Are geniuses born that way or do they become geniuses in life?

Every one of us has certain capabilities which are more developed than those of others. These capabilities start to develop in early childhood already. At that time, the foundations are laid and we could call this a springboard. In our brains, certain centres always develop more than others. Those are the centres which we use the most (and preferably). Talent is only a few percent, while all the rest is developed by the brain through exercise and games. We say many a time that someone is talented, however, we can’t estimate the hard work and hours of practice in the background at all.

In what environment do our brains function best?

Probably none of us thrives when someone’s blowing a whistle in his ear. We have to reconcile ourselves to that or else change the environment. A little stress doesn’t do us any harm, as it even additionally stimulates the brain to find a solution faster. The environment should be stimulating. Everyone knows for himself what kind of environment this is. Some have to keep their desk tidy in detail to be able to pull themselves together at all, while others can’t work when their table is empty or tidy.

The first key is movement. The brain needs physical activity. An ordinary walk will already do enough to successfully start up the brain. Somewhere outside in nature, if possible. When we’re physically active, the brain gets more oxygen and is generally livelier than when we’re in a stationary state. Try! Then return to your workplace and turn on the creativity.

When we alone want to do or create something very much, we’ll do this easily. Along the way we find the key. When we’re in such a state of zeal, we don’t feel reluctant and are very successful. Have you ever had to learn a poem by heart or solve mathematical equations? How we hated that from the bottom of our hearts. What reluctance this was and how hard we remembered, when we found no joy in it! Now, think of something you used to do easily and achieve better results in than your peers did. Not necessarily within the framework of school. What is it that you thrive on?

Probably each of us knows someone who can memorise incredible things, such as cars’ registration plates or the whole phone book of friends. Are they a genius? These are certainly good roots (everyone has similar ones!), however it takes an additional step to be a genius.

This is the step where individuals develop their capabilities beyond the borders of their current capacity. If you remember all of the licence plates in a certain town, you’ll gladly be entered into the Guinness Book of Records. But what good is that in terms of creativity and the development of new ideas?

Let us simplify the functioning of the brain into two main functions:

  • memorising information,
  • linking information, computing, thinking, developing new ideas.

If we learn the whole encyclopaedia by heart and read all the essential books, does this make us a genius? Perhaps.

Or when we do mental arithmetic with multi-digit numbers and have a knack for solving crosswords, logic puzzles - are we then a genius already? Perhaps. For that respective area.

Both extremes are interesting and useful each in their own way. However, neither with the former nor the latter is there any creativity in sight, which we would truly need in life.

Creativity, solving life’s problems and especially being a genius, in our sense of the word, can be found in people who constantly develop all of the aforementioned capabilities at the same time! These are people who enlarge their database of knowledge and look for new patterns and ideas through thinking. To enlarge the database doesn’t mean having to draw on knowledge necessarily from books only. They can draw upon it from their own previous experience, exercise or attempts. On the other hand, they constantly think and invent new things. Above all, they look for new patterns, how to develop something new from their existing knowledge.

So, a genius is a person who fully exploits all of his capabilities and never stops. The easiest and fastest way to become a genius is to do so in your own current area. This of course doesn’t mean that you can’t succeed or create something in some other area. There, you’ll need more time, as you start with a lesser set of knowledge and experience.

At the moment you can’t even imagine what you can create with your brain. Develop your potential! Essentially: Develop your potential constantly. There’s no final station. You can develop that potential for the rest of your life and yet you won’t get close to the edge. Develop it!

Show the world some of your new ideas, pictures, compositions, dishes, inventions etc. Don’t even let the sky be the limit. Set your limit solely by yourself.

Awaken The Genius
May 2016

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