Being Happy

Being happy doesn’t mean spending every moment with a smile from one ear to the other. Sometimes we’re miles away in our thoughts or our look is somewhere in the distance.

Sometimes we walk around with a completely neutral expression on our faces, although our hearts may be jumping for joy. Sometimes we laugh. Guffaw. Sometimes we’re engrossed in activities. And there are days when we’re exhausted from work, which in no way means we go through sad moments. Sometimes we overflow with energy. You know what I’m writing about, as nobody is constantly for their entire life on one and the same wave-length. Everyone swings. However, we all endeavour to swing to the negative half as little as possible. And if it happens that we swing there, then we should quickly catch ourselves and correct the direction.

Don’t stay there long, at that negative half. Learn to manage your emotions. There’s a reason for us to have emotions and they always try to communicate something to us. It’s up to us to listen to and become aware of them. Then judge by yourself what to do with the message. We always have a choice. Above all, don’t fight against them.

How many times have we been down because of love problems. What do we usually do in moments like that? We shut ourselves off within four walls, we surrender to alcohol, listen to sad songs or watch romantic movies. Like throwing logs of wood into the fire and hoping they’ll put it out. We have to be aware that, in particular, alcohol always enhances current emotions additionally. This means that after a few beers, if you’re sad, you’ll end up at an even lower ebb. Sadly. Alcohol amplifies emotions, so don’t look for shortcuts to renew a happy life in it.

If we’re happy, this doesn’t yet mean that our mouths have to always be stretched to a smile. Being happy means being satisfied with yourself. No matter where we are or who we are with.

Don’t look for happiness somewhere in the future. That you’ll become happy when a certain goal comes true. A dream job or an ideal partner. Above all, in the search for a partner you’ll have much more possibilities and luck if you’re happy and smiling already. You’ll also have more chances to get a job if you walk through the door into the manager's office full of positive energy.

Every one of us is surrounded by an energy field. It depends on us what energy we radiate into space. We don’t need to look for physical laws. Think of some negative person by yourself. Even if he or she doesn’t speak a single word there’s something about him or her that turns you off. There’s something cold and dead around this person. It turns you off!

Now think of someone surrounded by positive energy. This person constantly attracts people into his circle. Something just drags you there, you feel pleasant, warm energy. He or she is full of positive energy and is like a magnet. These are the things you have the power to influence and change by yourself. You determine, by yourself, how you’ll feel and how others will feel in your company.

Being happy is a way of life. You decide every morning what way you want to spend the day: without a smile or with it.

Being Happy
May 2016

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