Whatever we’re supposed to do in life, our deeds won’t matter to the universe in the end; they’ll be pointless and barely perceivable. 

Then, why do something good at all? Because of the feeling we get when doing things which we feel are worthy of our time. It doesn’t matter which thing, person or action this is. We were happy to build castles in the sand. Whether we build those castles or not, it isn’t important. Sooner or later the wind, sea and time will turn them back into a sandy beach. In time, only our memory and a good feeling will remain. It’s important to create, not because we have to but because we enjoy it.

All we have to do is be.


Thanks to my parents, relatives, friends, acquaintances and others. To all who I have had and will have an opportunity to speak a word or two with. Above all, to those of you who have taught me some of the greatest lessons in life, I express my sincere gratitude! Thank you, too, dear reader!

On the other hand, I apologise to all whom I may have hurt at any time.



Excellent teachers of life, knowledge, promoters, authors and inspirers:

Jim Rohn, Carlos Castaneda, Mahatma Gandhi, George Samuel Clason, Dale Carnegie, Robert Greene, Bob Proctor, Charles Darwin, Paulo Coelho, Steven Kotler, Daniel Goleman, Socrates, Dave Morris, Maxwell Maltz, Wallace D. Wattles, Stephen Richards Covey, Sun Tzu, Anthony de Mello, Abraham Lincoln, John Medina, John Paul II, David Deida, Bill Gates, Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, Les Brown, Albert Einstein, Stuart Wilde, Stephen Hawking, King David, Alan Watkins, Dan Gilbert, Jonathan Budd, Moses, Mark Bowden, the Dalai Lama, Steve Jobs, Earl Nightingale, Leo Gura, Laozi, John Maxwell, Orlando Owen, Grant Cardone, Leonardo da Vinci, Tony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, Zig Ziglar, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Brian Tracy, Gautama Buddha, Jack Canfield, James Allen, Malcolm Gladwell, TED Speakers, Jesus Christ and many others.

The list is mixed coincidentally.

May 2016

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