With every breath we’re growing older. It doesn’t matter how old we are at the moment.

Every heartbeat is a step closer to death. This will happen in any case even though we’re the greatest optimists. Maybe we’ll die of old age, maybe due to an unfavourable set of circumstances or disease. We need neither think about it nor its importance. However, we have to be aware that we’re destructible. At least our body is.

So, reconcile ourselves to this fact: every one of us will die. People have died and will die. Even though it may sound cruel, this is reality. Until we reconcile ourselves to the fact completely, we won’t truly live. We’ll be hiding in fear.

Imagine yourself on your deathbed. What do you see? Have you done everything you intended to do up to that moment? Can you go back to eternity in peace? Have you lived at all? Do you have unsettled business or hidden resentments? Are you sorry that you haven’t told something to somebody or done something that is important to you? Will you be beating yourself up in eternity over a certain thing? What do you think about when you see your body and your relations and friends gathered around your body? Have you left, as their fellow traveller, something beautiful to them, have you made them happy?

Have you found and followed your passion and done what really made you happy? Or more of what was dictated by society or followed the instructions of your parents and boss?

Have you taken time for your children and taken them to the zoo, for which they wrote to Santa several years in a row and which you promised them you would do. You don’t want the promise to stay unfulfilled, do you? Have you visited your grandparents, brought them a little something and spoken a word or two with them? By paying them a visit you would really make their day.

Do everything that’s in your power – in this moment.

Forgive everyone. No matter who has hurt you, no matter how much they have hurt you. Truly forgive. Don’t carry such a burden to the other side.

What happens to us after death and where our soul flows to, it doesn’t even matter. We’ll experience this when we go back to eternity. Wherever and whatever that is. In any case, our ancestors are gathered there already. In this eternity we’ll have stacks of time to exchange such thoughts.

Death is inevitable.

Take care to make in your life, in every moment, in every day, completely everything you can. Let your soul be clean and let all your business be settled.

May 2016

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