Everything Changes

Everything we see or feel happened somewhere in the past. When we look at the stars in the sky at night, we see far, far back into the past.

The stars are so very far away from us that their light travels several million years before it’s caught by our eyes. Because of that we always look back into the past. Even when our conversational partner is only a metre away from us, the light needs its time to reach us. The same goes for sound or smell. Even in every touch there’s still some delay, as the signal must be transferred first through the nerves to the brain where we perceive that touch.

From all of these different signals through our sense organs, the brain tries to compose a view in the perceived moment. Here, we have a feeling that everything stands still. When we look at a wall, we see it solid, static, at a standstill. This doesn’t correspond to reality.

Absolutely nothing stands still, everything changes and moves all the time. On Earth, in the universe, everywhere. In our brains we visualise the happening as a certain sequence of frozen pictures, but this is merely an approximation. The brain shows us its interpretation of the outer world.

The aforementioned wall is composed of atoms, which are in constant oscillation, and the brain gives us the feeling that its state is solid and stable and that it can’t be broken through. However, physics tells us that particles and radiation exist which ignore the built up wall and go through it playfully.

We have the feeling that the wall stands completely still. This isn’t true either. According to the superstring theory we could consider the wall as a lot of small, tiny strings vibrating all the time.

Whatever we look at, absolutely nothing stands still. We’re somewhere on the Earth, which revolves around its axis and around the Sun. The Sun is in the galaxy, racing through space. Space expands continually. It blows up like a balloon.

Everything changes all the time, everything is in motion. Actively.

Even our body never stands still. It’s like a machine. The heart pumps blood through the veins, the nerves transmit signals, the lungs take in air, etc. All of this due to one primary reason: to live. Even our brain never keeps still. It constantly processes received signals and stores them. When we sleep, the brain still keeps on working. It never stays perfectly still.

We change ourselves every moment. By new information, we become wiser every moment. Or more stupid. Depending on the information we receive and to which direction we’re changing.

Why is it important for us to become aware of that?

How many of us have ever got to the point of “this is it”? For example, we strive for our appearance, we watch our figure, we do nothing but beautiful things with the sole intention of charming the opposite sex; we attend social events, try hard and expose ourselves. All with the goal of finding a soulmate. When we find and conquer it, what do we do afterwards? We stop trying. But because we no longer try, everything goes down, only our weight goes up. We neglect ourselves. Standing still is just an illusion. As we have established, we always change. For better or for worse. The decision is in our hands!

We should never expect our partner not to change. We would live in an illusion. He or she will change. They’re already changing. Just as we do! All the time. How will you react?

Everything Changes
May 2016

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