Experience Inner Peace

The common thread of the book is to live a full life and be active. To create and do a variety of things and to know that you’re unstoppable.

Even though you do all these things with all your heart and enjoy them, the activities will exhaust you. If they don’t exhaust you, this actually means that you don’t go all out. So, you still have enough energy to transfer into various activities. Into yourself and humankind. But, anyway, let us suppose you live a full and active life.

Every one of us needs rest, a vacation. Everyone longs for inner peace, which will be an oasis beside everyday work. Perhaps you wish for a moment of remoteness from all of life’s obligations. Therefore, stop from time to time! If you have children, think of a babysitter for an afternoon. Everyone needs a minute for him- or herself or as a couple. You know yourself what kind of moments you long for. So, head for somewhere else, far from your daily routine. Go to a place where you feel you can let yourself go completely.

Some may recharge their batteries fishing, others on holiday somewhere abroad and others in nature. In any case, turn off your portable tablets, computers, phones, etc. Turn yourself off! Your mind and body. Change your location.

Go for a beer with your colleague. To the sea with your partner. Listen to the murmur of the sea. Listen to the waves crashing against the rocks and echoing into eternity. Murmur. Relax over a glass of red wine. Over sweet chocolate. Go for dinner. Consciously spend some money on yourself only. Pamper yourself.

Make an appointment at a masseur's. Take a blanket and spread it out in a clearing in the woods. Go to sleep. Indulge in the sun. Let the sun’s rays caress your skin playfully. Indulge yourself in a southern breeze, let it curl your hair. Listen to the leaves rustling and the waters murmuring. Wake up your senses and relax. Feast your eyes on a sunset, let the warmth embrace your body. Indulge yourself in nature. Feel and receive the energy given to you by nature. For free.

Experience Inner Peace
May 2016

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