During fasting, we partly or completely restrict our intake of food within a definite time period.

We know many different kinds of fasting. The final objective of all of this is more or less the same: to cleanse the body. Before you decide to fast, consult your physician. Fasting isn’t suitable for everybody.

What kinds of fasting do we know and which can you choose from?

  • 40 days without meat or alcohol,
  • for a few days cross out dairy or flour products, sweets, etc. from your menu,
  • from 24 to 48 hours of fasting, during which we only drink water.

Why is it good to fast? Because of regeneration. Our bodies must constantly repair the damage we do to ourselves. Alcohol, which is basically a poison, causes a lot of damage to almost all of our organs, including the skin. And, above all, to our liver. If we burden the liver too much with alcohol every day, and other harmful substances at the same time, problems will certainly arise. Therefore, give up alcohol for about a month or at least reduce its intake to a minimum.

The same applies to meat. In a diet with too large amounts of meat products, the balance of bacteria in the intestines changes. When consuming mostly meat products, there are other types of bacteria present in the digestive system than when metabolising vegetables or fruit. After a few days of fasting without meat and with a substitute, more healthy diet, a healthy balance will begin to reign in your intestines once again. You’ll receive more energy and easily lose another pound along the way.

Dairy products, in particular milk, create an acidic environment in the stomach. Too much acidity isn’t good and our stomachs can start to remind us of that over time. Namely, ulcers can appear in the stomach due to increased acidity. As with meat, give your stomach a day’s break and intentionally avoid dairy products.

The same applies to sweets, white flour, etc. Every organ needs a day off which it dedicates itself to regeneration. In the modern world we constantly place a burden on our bodies. Just a few centuries ago, the situation used to be completely different. Food wasn’t available in such abundance as it is now (in developed countries). People used to eat what they found, caught or grew. They didn’t, by any means, have five meals a day nor did they consume sweet snacks in between. Then, the body used to cleanse itself more quickly as there weren’t as many harmful (in particular artificial) substances as there are nowadays. The body could shake off toxins faster due to a greater amount of physical work.

That’s why you should afford yourself a day completely without food intake. Drink only water and stay positive. You’ll do only good to yourself. Even the brain functions in a brighter way when fasting, as a mechanism is switched on which looks for new sources of food more intensely during such periods of “famine”. I recommend you read more on fasting and its benefits in books on this subject. Your body will appreciate it.

May 2016

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