Gratitude And Satisfaction

Gratitude is one of the most important areas of personal development. We’re always in need of something. 

We think so, at least. We don’t have a good enough car, our apartment is too small and there’s big fat zero in our bank account. What’s more, even when we feel the happiest and experience the most beautiful moments in life, we don’t feel gratitude. We always lack something.

There are more reasons why we’re not as satisfied as we should be. Maybe we can find the reason in evolution itself. With evolution nature gradually changes organisms into more complete, sophisticated forms. Constantly. Think about it: if no mutations in genes had ever happened, would the human race according to Darwin’s theory arise at all?

The answer is no. The world would already have been perfect and satisfied with itself so that we would still be swimming in the sea as satisfied unicellular organisms.

Joking aside, we should rather find a better example, so let us go back in history. It doesn’t matter how far back. We can go back a good century, to the times of Edison, who carried out several thousand experiments in the search for an illuminating element (filament) for the humble lightbulb, and ask ourselves again why someone would carry out so many experiments if he had been completely satisfied with a candle?

Therefore, be grateful to have candle on the table, but don’t be completely satisfied with it. Unless we want to stop at this point rationally and live with the candle for the rest of our lives.

We are satisfied after work well done. We have every right to be satisfied, as we have put in a lot of time and effort. However, don’t persist in this satisfaction too long. Pablo Picasso didn’t paint just one painting and because he was satisfied with it got stuck with this work. He painted many hundreds of others.

On the other hand, be grateful for every single thing that has happened to you. In fact, let your whole life be interwoven with gratitude. Be grateful for every person, material asset, experience, cognition and occurrence up to now which has made you what you are today.

The more grateful you are for nice things, the more you’ll get. The more grateful you are for good and loyal friends, the more loyal friends you’ll have. Be grateful for your wife, husband and children and take nothing for granted.

Sometimes we have the feeling that we have no reason whatsoever to be grateful. This isn’t true. Be grateful for life itself, although it’s hard. We’re the only ones who can make our lives more beautiful. And if we have the feeling that everything really is going wrong for us, be grateful that we exist.

Imagine yourself on a sandy beach. A beach several kilometres long, scattered with sand. You take the sand in your hand and let it run through your fingers, so that only a few grains remain on your palm. Imagine the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, etc. and then imagine, somewhere on the grain of planet Earth, your parents. Back in time, at the point when you were born. Can you imagine how very unlikely this is? How big the beach is and how many grains and planets lie there. Is this a mystery big enough for you to become grateful?

Life doesn’t require absolutely anything from you in exchange. The secret is in gratitude which will start to show itself in absolutely all areas of life. Even when you miss the bus the next time, be grateful. You never know, maybe you get to know your soulmate right on the next bus. Believe and become grateful for life.

Gratitude And Satisfaction
May 2016

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