Hard Work

There’s a perception that an eight-hour working day five days a week is enough. I partially agree with that if we want to keep our life in balance. 

However, it isn’t enough if you want to step out from being average. Especially at the beginning of a career path. By average I in no way mean the amount of money earned compared to your neighbour, but the lifestyle which suits you down to the ground. You can namely earn an above-average salary in a job which doesn’t make you happy. In this case you’re a zombie waking up in the morning and going to work. In doing so, the time silently flies by before your eyes.

Why would someone, of their own will, spend a third of their life being stressed and unsatisfied?

The title Hard Work is a bit misleading. Namely, the moment we start doing things which make us happy, this isn’t hard work any longer. It basically turns into a hobby. However, even every hobby demands input in terms of energy, effort and above all time. How much time? By choice. The best is of course not to look at the clock at all, but work for yourself. See in particular the work done and the state of energy in yourself.

After the performed work take a break, recharge your batteries or change the activity. After a couple of hours of mental work it’s a pleasure to go for a walk. Such contrasts go hand in hand. Movement and fresh air will make us fresh and recharge our batteries.

Sometimes I hear a comment on how wonderful I’m doing. I get up in the morning whenever I want, work for myself and this even at home, enjoy an un-stressful life and in all this I do what makes me happy. But they don’t know that until this moment – the same as many others – I’ve invested a huge amount of my free time, sleepless nights and hard work. While some spend their time doing things which make no sense to me, I rather engage in productive activities, such as programming or reading books, which can help me to attain the goals I’ve set myself. Every one of us dedicates his time to certain activities. Therefore, deny yourself things where you don’t see positive results, such as: watching television, reading the news, unnecessary coffees, listening to negative people etc. If unproductive activities prevail on a daily basis, then you can be sure that your whole life will be reflected in non-productivity. What you invest in life, that’s what life gives you back! It‘s as simple as that.

Here, I have to stress that this way suits my currently chosen lifestyle. Time for fun and socialising is found, too. Everything has to be in balance. This is different with every individual. Everyone has to find out for himself what and how much of that he needs. Some need a lot of socialising, other less.

If you work hard every day and don’t achieve the desired results, think! Think about what you are doing wrong. Adjust your plan! Find the small things which you can change the most easily and as a result they’ll bring big positive changes. An apple a day will improve your health a lot. Such a small step, but such a big effect. Find such small things in your activities and improve them for as long as you don’t succeed. If you feel that an idea really leads to nowhere and this is also supported by the numbers and results, then change the activity. Or devote yourself to some other idea or job. In such case don’t waste time.

I write that it’s necessary to deny yourself. Denying at your own will. The word denying basically has a very negative connotation. If we deny ourselves something, we get a feeling that we are to lose out in something. However, this in no way holds true if we do things which make us happy. Instead of the word denial we can use the word choice. We’re happy to watch a football match or read a book. We like doing both. So, don’t deny yourself a certain thing, but make a choice. Perhaps we’ll choose the book, while another person may rather choose the match.

As we choose according to our own will, we may choose the football match next time and indulge in the football atmosphere. There’s always a choice. If you choose the same way every day, then this is no longer a choice but a routine. Routine in itself isn’t a bad thing when it comes to our or others good.

As we have established, we always have a choice. Why then not choose things which can do the most good to ourselves and others. Instead of a TV show, choose your hobby. Maybe drawing or dancing, which, in fact, give you more pleasure than passively staring at the TV screen. Become active. Instead of hours and hours spent on social networks, opt for a book. Of course, not any kind of book. Select books you can learn something new from. Books which will make you smarter and wiser. Personally and in business.

When you get tired of this one, choose another one from a completely different area. Broaden your horizons. Maybe you’ll read an erotic one, such as the Kama Sutra. Use all this knowledge actively in practice. Depending on the area you’re currently interested in. I’m sure that the book you’re reading will have a positive influence on your personality and work, too. Read, not because you want to become a bookworm, but to get new ideas. Ideas which will make your life better, easier and more varied. By becoming a treasury of knowledge and experience, you’ll also help others. Knowingly and unknowingly. People will turn to you. For your help and experience. Have I already mentioned that you should become active?

Do various things. Set out on a path of knowledge and hard work. Enjoy long and hard-working days. Invest energy in activities which will surely give back. Also in the form of money. Enjoy every moment. Believe in yourself and your abilities. After hard work carried out, afford yourself some good and well-deserved rest.

Hard Work
May 2016

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