Mostly for myself, I’ve been thinking for quite a while now about the ideas which would help me in life. I think a lot. Why not then write these ideas down, organise and share them with others? 

This is the result. Analyse the ideas and accept them if you believe they’ll improve your life.

We find ourselves in times when we spend hours and hours in front of computers and on telephones. Especially children. We're one of the first generations, which, instead of movement in fresh air and nature, spends their entire day behind computers, looking at monitors and getting lost in television series. I’m sure that more and more people have trouble in finding themselves and searching for sense in life. Why do we exist at all and what are we to do in life? The information era for real. Remoteness from genuine human relationships. All possible media and newspapers bombard us with information. Journalists compete with each other as to who is going to show the worst picture of the actual event.

Are we as people happier with all this technology, material goods and current news? I, myself, was looking for happiness in all possible things.

In this way I realised that happiness doesn’t reside in one thing. Not even in that one thing we wish for so fervently.

Happiness lives a little bit here, a little bit there, in the balance of little things. In the touch of a child’s hand and in the look of a stranger’s eye, in clean thoughts in the present moment. On the path of life, from the beginning to the end, happiness lives. Real happiness.

In the same way that life is a path, not a goal, this book will never be completely finished. I write down new useful thoughts and ideas a little here, a little there. I might change some of the chapters or replace them with something more useful. At the time of writing I'm at the age of 29 and believe that, with experience yet to come, an excellent book will come into existence with a lot of information on the subject of personal growth and a happy and successful life.

I’ve always quietly wanted to change the world. To do something new and important, having a great impact and improving people’s lives. I have only now realised that that was what my ego wanted. If we really want to help people, the power lies in little things. In giving love and putting a smile on our faces. Love and passion for life are the forces which push the universe forward, moving mountains and creating.

Why tame your mind the programmer way?

Computers have a very interesting feature. Everything we command them to do through programme code, they carry out and always give back an accurate result. Even if the programme is a harmful virus. The result can be false merely due to false input data or because the algorithms are written incorrectly. A processor can calculate simple or extremely complex matters.

Our brain functions in exactly the same way. Everything we experience, think about, the books we read and the people we socialise with, are remembered somewhere. All this becomes a part of us. The result, our personality, our mind will be precisely what we perceive it to be by all our senses and what we think about inside ourselves. And if this holds true, this means that you can write your life in any way you want. You’re the programmer of your life.

Any kind of command we send to the computer’s processor will be mulled over exactly by that processor depending on what it’s been given. Nothing more and nothing less. With the difference that the processor isn’t aware of what’s it doing. It simply does calculations. The same as we do. Until we start thinking that we are thinking. Then we truly wake up.

This book covers very different fields. Fields which are included in the major part of life’s path and are more or less important through the whole of our lives. In good and in bad moments. At school, at work or at home. In composing these chapters, I've tried to write down their essence as concisely as possible in short paragraphs. I know that such short and clear messages have helped me a lot more than big books as we like to say. As a programmer by profession I might have written certain paragraphs a bit too directly, perhaps. Maybe some of the ideas might be so direct they’ll strike you right at your heart. That’s the purpose. The sooner you wake up, the better for you and the people around you.

The book deliberately avoids heavy and foreign words. It is, as far as possible, written in homely, simple language. So that even younger people will be able to read it.

May 2016

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