Leave Your Safe Haven

We feel the most calm in a safe haven. In the safe haven of a permanent job. In the safe haven of a warm home. In the safe haven of a husband or wife.

In the safe haven of a scholarship. You know yourself what your safe haven is. Think about it.

The good side of it is that we feel as safe there as if we were somewhere on a soft meadow full of fragrant flowers or on a pink planet of the most beautiful galaxy. While the bad side of it is that we come to a standstill at this point and stop thinking about exposing ourselves at all. Some may be thinking about it but they don’t dare to take the decisive step.

If you live at home, at your parents’ place, this doesn’t mean that you have to be at each other’s throats and leave home. On the contrary! Find a job, hire a cheap flat or room for a start and begin building your future. I’m sure you have parents, friends or relatives who will encourage and help you to move out and stand on your own two feet. Nobody is saying that you have to do everything alone or right away. After all, you’ll later help them, returning their help when they need it the most.

This step to leave your safe haven is so vitally important that it should have been written across the entire page. Namely, if you want to learn to swim, you won’t learn by paddling in a puddle your whole life! You can read all the books about swimming and watch all the films about it. However, you can learn this in a matter of hours (or even minutes) if you decide to jump from the puddle into deep water. The best way is with the help of someone who already has experience in this area.

You don’t need to know how to swim the backstroke or dive from a five-metre board after the first day. The objective set initially is to stay above the water. Then swim and swim. Learn new skills every day until you master the thing. When you’re ready, you could also even try out for the Olympic Games! But while you paddle around the puddle and dream, absolutely nothing’s going to happen. Expose yourself!

If you borrow money from your parents regardless of your current financial situation, say: Enough is enough! From today on I won’t borrow another euro. And stick to that! The moment you reconcile yourself to this thought, your brain will start to function in a completely different way. It’ll start looking for solutions. Solutions regarding how to pay the bills, what products and services you can offer the market. How to make money honestly and how to reduce your own expenses.

Even when establishing a company, nothing is different. Maybe you have always had a wish and would do anything to work independently. But you keep telling yourself, if taxes were lower and there was no recession and if there were no politicians and if I didn’t have children..., then you would set up your own company right away, right?

Stop looking for excuses. Expose yourself! Start swimming. Swim with the flow, not against it. This will, of course, be easier. But swim! Move!

The moment you step out of your safe haven, you’ll feel freedom. This will be followed by some ups and downs. And some more ups and downs. That’s life. But the more often you pick yourself up after a fall, the stronger you’ll become. Wiser and more experienced. And above all more alive! You’ll experience a whole range of emotions. From these, when we say that everything’s going wrong, to those: Oh, how beautiful this life is!

Therefore: Leave your safe haven.

Leave Your Safe Haven
May 2016

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