Live Fully

One of the lessons which used to give me blows to the head for some time referred to the question: Why do I go from one extreme to another?

A difficult question. Seeing yourself objectively is hard and unrealistic. How many of us swing from one extreme to another unknowingly? In particular, with irrelevant things.

Extremes can be positive or negative. It depends on what they are and what situations they refer to.

They give us a sense of pace, by which we move along the path of life, and a sense of how strongly we’re living. A fast pace isn’t always necessarily a good pace. We can go slowly and watch out not to make a mistake, but we stay within a safe haven of normal limits. We think it might be better neither to do nor try to do anything at all. It might be better to shut ourselves away among four walls and hope to survive this life.

This is nonsense. Of course, we’re here, in this world, to try different things, flavours, feelings and experience. However, we have to mind our health. When jumping out of a plane, we mustn’t forget the parachute. In the opposite case, the jump is going to be quite a painful experience. It’ll certainly be an extreme, but the price of that experience will be too high.

Maybe you enjoy getting an adrenaline rush in extreme sports and breaking records. Whatever your extremes may be, you have to always do it reasonably and ask yourself why you’re doing this. What are you trying to prove by doing that? Completely avoid guzzling alcohol, drugs, exaggeration, violence and similar extremes in this negative half. Especially if there’s the possibility that you’ll also hurt somebody else by doing that. Think and climb up to the extreme consciously only.

What also matters is the power of perception. What power does the experience have coming through to you and how much of your heart is in it at the moment of its happening? During a cup of coffee with a friend you hold your phone in your hand and browse the Internet? Are you, in your mind, even present while socialising with your friend? How many things around you do you perceive? Do you perceive the people at the next table? What’s happening, the wind, moves, people’s faces walking down the street and a stray dog on the other side of the road? In all that you probably haven’t even heard what your friend at the other end of the table was trying to tell you. You’ll probably never register entirely what’s happening around you. Thus, going to the extreme in perceiving and experiencing can be quite a useful characteristic!

At the cinema, you let yourself indulge in what’s happening on the screen entirely. Let the movie overcome you from head to toe, let it touch you and wake you up. Put yourself into the diversity of emotions and let them overcome you.

When you rest, then rest. When you learn, then learn. In solving a problem, solve the problem until it is solved. Whatever you set yourself to do, when you experience or create, do this with total concentration from the very beginning until the end. Do your utmost. Let the flow take you toward your goal.

The length of life of every one of us is limited, the number of our heartbeats is limited and we all go from one extreme to another. We inhale, exhale, inhale ... We always go from one side to another. The further we go to the extreme, the greater falls we can expect. But it also holds true: the more we go to an extreme, the more we can see and the more experience we can gather within the same time frame.

If you exaggerate a bad thing, then you should become aware first. Then transform the thing into a more healthy extreme. Maybe you can transform your smoking habit into hiking, or immoderate drinking into yoga. Make a substitution and think no longer about the former unhealthy habit.

If you’re an extremely negative person, change the sign into positive. This is easier, as you only make an exchange with something else.

Live Fully
May 2016

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