Mind And Passion

With your mind, you can achieve anything. On a personal level, in your career, you can make millions, have a positive influence on the people around you or start a war.

You can rise from “nothing” to the president’s chair or end up in prison. Life is in your hands and it depends on you as to what will you do with it.This opens up an interesting question - why doesn’t everyone who makes the same recognition become the president or an astronaut?

The answer lies in passion and in life itself. In that which is important to you personally and only to you. Everyone can become the president but in real life there are only a few who would actually want to become one. Where you would, besides all the associated responsibilities, enjoy the function. Someone who would be filled with energy by such duties. Who has the passion to become the president? There is an unlimited number of possibilities in the world. Maybe you feel the most alive and full of energy as a musician on stage. Perhaps as a hairdresser, a volunteer in Africa, a manager or a horse trainer.

Everyone has their own wishes and goals. Don’t push yourself to do something if you don’t feel passion for it or would rather be somewhere else or be doing something else. Find that spark that’s somewhere within you and has been trying to get a message across to you your whole life. That what you really want to do in life. Don’t suppress it!

Find things which you actually enjoy. In these things, you’ll be able to create day and night with no effort. And the world will appreciate it, too.

Why does it take so long before we start creating in life for real? I don’t know. Perhaps it’s because we, as human beings, are very stubborn and we don’t even listen to ourselves. I found my passion in my early youth, too. Then many years passed before I started to realise what I even wanted to do with my life. This means to research, to think, to extend the limits of my mind, recognition and subconscious. Passion in creativity, ideas and the development of innovative online solutions. Slightly remote from people and the hustle and bustle of city life. I enjoy walking in nature, the waterfalls of Radoljna and raindrops. This pours energy into my soul and gives me a feeling of life and fullness.

Find your own, too.

A passion which will pump blood through your veins. A passion which makes you wake up with a smile on your face and jump out of bed with joy. Every day.

Mind And Passion
May 2016

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