Monitoring Results

Whatever you do, you can always monitor the results. If you’re engaged in sport, you can measure the circumference of your biceps.

If you’re on a slimming diet or want to maintain your weight, you can measure the results with scales. At school you can measure the results with marks. By reading books you can monitor the number of books read or the time daily dedicated to reading. You can count the number of coffees drunk in a day. The number of kilometres walked. Anything you wish to monitor and improve.

Anything! If you’re improving your communication skills, you can monitor how many new people you have approached today and said a few words to. Or how many girls you have walked up to. How many countries you have visited. You can always monitor your progress. Are you wondering why this is good?

The reason is particularly that this information helps us to plan for the future. Through obtained results we can find out whether we’re moving in the right direction or sinking down. To this end, we need tangible figures. Above all at the beginning.

We won’t make measurements for our whole lives but only as long as is necessary to discover a pattern. This may happen pretty soon. In only a couple of days, months or years. It depends on the area.

If you stand on your scales every morning for the next few days and write down your weight in a table, you’ll quite quickly find out that with a controlled diet your weight may go up or down by just a few grams. You’ll even find out when and why this difference appears.

In the financial area, things work in a similar way. At the beginning, when we have to pay attention to every euro, we’ll write all of our income on one side, and all of our expenditure on the other side. We’ll capture everything and write that down in tables. In this way we’ll quite quickly find out how much we actually spend. What bad habits we have and where we throw money out of the window. In a few months’ time, we won’t need such recording any longer, as we’ll skilfully deal with that at the time. Of course you can continue to do so and enter data also later. Of course I recommend you work with a computer as it makes it easier to process data and compare results.

Through entrepreneurship you’ll measure results, too. The number of customers, the number of elaborated projects, the number of projects successfully carried out against the number that have failed ... anything! The moment you start thinking in numbers is the moment you can crunch those numbers and find options to achieve better results.

In any case, quality is more important than quantity, but if you have nothing to compare your results with, then the quality doesn’t help much either, does it? Therefore, monitor the results!

In between and after concluding measurements, compare the results. Look back on how much income you have received in your current account and what profit has been made in respect thereof. Are you now doing better or worse? What about the time you dedicate to other people? Do you dedicate more or less of it? Does your weight go up or down? Make statistics, draw graphs! Use your imagination and let the graphs help you improve your life!

In no way do this because you have to. Monitor the results in particular because you want to improve your situation in various areas and you enjoy doing it.

Monitoring Results
May 2016

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