News And Negativism

Everything you read, watch, listen to or experience becomes a part of you. Everything! 

Each little thing. Even the ideas you’re reading right now. No matter whether I’m right in what I write or not, this will somehow become a part of you. And no, you won’t be able to forget it now just like that. The more you read, the more you’ll believe. Even if you consciously refuse to believe, it’ll strike roots somewhere deep in your brain. Mysterious, isn’t it?

When cooking soup and putting ingredients into it, the end product will be exactly the kind of soup for which the ingredients were meant. It may happen that you forget about it and burn the ingredients in the pot. It happens to me, too, every now and then. However, if we’re careful, the ingredients will result in a delicious vegetable soup, exactly the one we wanted. What would happen, if we used window cleaner instead of water and add a fistful of waste from the bin and cook it for twenty minutes? Certainly nothing healthy … Joking apart. What news do you read? What people do you socialise with? What do you watch on your TV screen and what do you search for on the Internet? What do you do in your free time and what music do you listen to? Where do you spend most of your time and what books do you read? What environment do you live in?

Every single bit of information which pushes its way through to us, becomes a part of us. In combination with what we have already experienced, we redesign our picture anew. We get a new perspective on life. All the time. We’re not aware of it in practice as most of these experiences are so tiny that we don’t perceive the change, the new view. Like a drop in the ocean. If we take a brick and put it on concrete, this will always be just one brick. When we add more and more new bricks, this will sooner or later become a wall, barrier or house.

Around the world, since the existence of mankind, wars, murders, thefts, rapes and natural disasters have taken place. In watching the news, the feeling of fear and helplessness is of no use to us. It destroys us. In feeling all that fear, we don’t even help the people on the other side of the planet. We’re only observers of their calamity. We don’t read the news because we would be interested in what’s going on in the world. We read and watch it because we need some drama in our lives and are addicted to it. We look for the cruel news, political topics or watch shocking video clips. Positive news isn’t interesting as it doesn’t contain enough drama. Among this kind of news we may only read the stories which are close to our own interests, while we watch the shocking ones with no limits.

The things which touch us in particular and which happen to us or to those close to us will be particularly well remembered. The reason for this is the presence of strong feelings. That’s why it makes it so hard for us to forget the ex with whom we had an emotional connection, or get over the death of a loved one.

Actually, our personality will always be the product of all the things we have experienced. The end product will always be what prevails in our minds. If we socialise with negative friends only, read negative news and listen to shocking news, our personality will surely be in the negative part of the scale where pessimism and feelings of helplessness reside.

What can we do?

Firstly, avoid all negative people and news as much as possible. Monitor and experience positive things. Every day, positivity must prevail over negativity. Secondly, it’s hard to completely avoid all negative people and factors, especially if these are those close to us. Therefore, you have to learn to have an objective view of the things you experience. Set up a blockade, over which certain information can’t come to you. When someone’s telling you about how you can’t succeed or what hard times and corrupt politics exist today, simply say: “That’s true!” and change the subject.

News And Negativism
May 2016

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