Outdoor Activities, Fresh Air And Sun

The human body needs exercise. Especially exercise in fresh air and sunshine. 

The problem of our modern lifestyles is exactly the technology which helps us to overcome distances (cars, elevators, escalators, etc.) and also things such as phones, buying food in supermarkets, office work and sitting in front of monitors for hours.

In other words: in an entire day, movement is limited only to the distances from the bedroom to the kitchen and the walk from the flat to the car. Maybe, if you’re really ardent, you might spend an hour in the gym in the afternoon, where you sweat on an electric bike in an enclosed space. Certainly better than nothing.

But we’re on our way to changing our lifestyles, aren’t we? The gym is a contemporary solution. In a few years’ time you’ll definitely no longer pay a visit to a fitness studio. Maybe you’ll have a child, or you might move, finish your studies, meet your soul mate or change your job, unless you are a bodybuilder or you develop a career as a personal trainer. The same is true of yoga, Pilates, Zumba, etc. New exercises and workshops are launched all the time. The principal question is why do we visit these courses? Because of exercise, socialising, getting to know ourselves, peace …?

So, what can you do for healthy and natural movement?

  • Walk up the stairs, instead of taking the elevator,
  • ride a bike to the shops, to school or to work,
  • go for a walk in nature, to the outskirts of the city for a breath of fresh air.

If the following is added:

  • mowing the lawn, shovelling snow and other housework,
  • a job with a lot of movement (nurses, all physical work, waitresses, etc.)

and combined with a healthy diet, then you have basically done almost everything for your body.

For those of us who spend our time from morning to evening on the computer or in other sedentary jobs, this is in no way enough. For such people, moderate exercise a few times a week is recommended (running, fast walking, etc.) for 20 to 30 minutes, excluding warming up. It can be more, but for a healthy lifestyle this is quite enough.

Are you in a bad mood, having a dreary day? Have a light run in nature. It sounds too simple to be true but it works.

Fresh air?

The air in offices and apartments is mostly dry, especially in winter. This way the skin looses additional moisture, thus leading to faster ageing of the skin. The air in cities is the most polluted due to exhaust gases, solvents, metals and dust. This results in a mixture of carcinogens which are harmful to humans. So, you wish for more beautiful and attractive skin? You wish to present your immune system with something beautiful? Go into nature to get fresh air.

In the end, let us mention the sun. There’s no life without the sun. The human body has been created in a way that it needs sun; under its rays vitamin D is produced by the human body. Being exposed to sunlight for only a few minutes a couple of days a week should be enough, depending on the season and skin type. The sun makes us happier, literally.

Outdoor Activities, Fresh Air And Sun
May 2016

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