Positive Relations

Develop sympathy for all people and animals. We are all the same. Flesh and blood. Composed of similar substances, not to get into physics or chemistry. 

Respect your fellow human beings irrespective of their social status or the way they dress. Learn sympathy. Help your fellow man. Even when he doesn’t ask for help. Offer him a hand and let him know he can turn to you.

Never judge, even if they might have done some damage to you or to others. We never know why and what’s going on in their minds, what parents or childhood they had or what chemistry drives their brain. Maybe there wasn’t enough knowledge or people who would be able to motivate them and guide them through life.

Never play with other people’s feelings. We shall reap what we sow.

Control your dark side. Every one of us has it. Some keep reflecting it out of themselves in violence or the deliberate destruction of themselves or others. Learn to control it. Stay calm in every kind of situation. Let us never be taken over by our animal instincts. Never solve problems through physical altercation. Never! The only exception should be a direct life threat. Do as the martial arts teach. The moment the members of your family or other people are endangered, stay composed, gather all your power and skills and help them. Stay calm and solve situations in a way that pays respect to everyone.

Respect all animals, plants and the environment around you. Not as much for others, but especially for yourselves and your descendants. Let the coming generation also enjoy nature, fresh air, pure energy and drinking water running from natural springs.

What you don’t want to happen to you, don’t do it to someone else either. So simple is the thought we seem to forget so soon in practice. In particular, in company we can loose our temper and it may happen quite quickly that we offend someone. Intentionally or unintentionally. Therefore: Do to others what you would want them to do to you.

We need to make fun of ourselves every now and then. This will only make us more self-confident. People like upbeat people. They would rather be in our company. Nobody enjoys company where they make fun of some individual. We could quickly end up in his place.

Do a good thing, without expecting to get paid for it. Even more so, do a good thing secretly without the relevant person knowing who made his day. Buy a lottery ticket and throw it into someone’s mailbox.

Or leave the waitress a chocolate on the table at the coffee shop. With no reason. When she sees the chocolate, you’ll be gone. Surely, you’ll conjure up a smile on her face. You’ll enjoy doing it, too. Try.

Use your imagination! I’m sure that there isn’t enough of it in times of routine and stress. Let the only payment for such acts be our personal satisfaction and the feeling of having done a good deed.

Let us be fair to ourselves and others. Do good and maintain positive relations with all living beings.

Positive Relations
May 2016

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