Tame your mind the programmer way

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Author: Rok Beigot
Photos by: Rok Beigot
Lovrenc na Pohorju, Slovenia; May 2016

Tame your mind the programmer way

Introduction Introduction

Everything we experience, think about, the books we read and the people we socialise with, are remembered somewhere. All this becomes a part of us. Read on »

Anxiety Disorders Anxiety Disorders

Let me begin with my own story. my own experience in overcoming a phobia. It’s an important chapter as every one of us carries a certain burden with us, dragging us back in life. Read on »

Mind And Passion Mind And Passion

On a personal level, in your career, you can make millions, have a positive influence on the people around you or start a war. Read on »

Being Aware Of Yourself Being Aware Of Yourself

Anthony de Mello wrote an excellent book entitled Awareness, which is about how we sleep, in a figurative meaning, through our lives and aren’t aware of ourselves. Read on »

Optimism Optimism

An optimistic person will try out a certain thing and shrug his shoulders if the final outcome doesn’t correspond exactly with his expectations. Read on »

Self-Confidence Self-Confidence

Self-confidence can vastly contribute to the way we look at life and deal with everyday situations. Each situation can either take a part of our self-confidence Read on »

Leave Your Safe Haven Leave Your Safe Haven

We feel the most calm in a comfort zone. In the safe haven of a permanent job. In the safe haven of a warm home. In the safe haven of a husband or wife. Read on »

Nutrition Nutrition

What does the human body need, what’s healthy and how much? Meat – yes or no? White bread? Sugar, salt, flour …? Read on »

Fasting Fasting

During fasting, we partly or completely restrict our intake of food within a definite time period. Read on »

Outdoor Activities, Fresh Air And Sun Outdoor Activities, Fresh Air And Sun

The human body needs exercise. Especially exercise in fresh air and sunshine. he problem of our modern lifestyles is exactly the technology which helps us... Read on »

The Immune System The Immune System

Imagine the immune system as a barrel which is being filled and emptied. It’s filled by the good things and emptied by the bad. Read on »

Set Yourself Objectives Set Yourself Objectives

As a sailing ship has a clear aim, in the same way a human being needs defined goals, toward which he’ll travel on his life path. Read on »

News And Negativism News And Negativism

Everything you read, watch, listen to or experience becomes a part of you. Everything! Read on »

Money And Business Opportunities Money And Business Opportunities

You have to earn money by working hard, step by step, and not overnight. With knowledge, skills and fair, comradely relationships. No shortcuts. Read on »

Financial Freedom Financial Freedom

A freedom which means you don’t have to think about money, paying the bills or other obligations any longer. You earn money literally while you sleep. Read on »

The Key To Success The Key To Success

A short answer to the question of what the key to success is in the selected activity: several (ten) thousand hours of practice, experience or working hours. Read on »

Hard Work Hard Work

The title Hard Work is a bit misleading. Namely, the moment we start doing things which make us happy, this isn’t hard work any longer. It basically turns into a hobby. Read on »

Monitoring Results Monitoring Results

Quality is more important than quantity, but if you have nothing to compare your results with, then the quality doesn’t help much either, does it? Therefore, mo Read on »

The Law Of Attraction The Law Of Attraction

We all want certain material or immaterial things in life. The way to them always starts with our wishes, ideas. We could call this process the law of attraction. Read on »

Subconscious Subconscious

Singing, driving a car, drawing, talking to strangers: the subconscious learns ceaselessly. It remembers patterns especially quickly. This means things which repeat themselves. Read on »

Live Fully Live Fully

We’re here, in this world, to try different things, flavours, feelings and experience. However, we have to mind our health. When jumping out of a plane, we mustn’t forget the parachute. Read on »

Partnership Partnership

The human being reproduces in exactly the same way as other mammals on this planet. Basically, there’s nothing new about that with human beings. Read on »

What Others Think Of Us? What Others Think Of Us?

A perpetual question. Whatever we do, will do or say, we’re always worried how others might react. Read on »

Positive Relations Positive Relations

Develop sympathy for all people and animals. We are all the same. Flesh and blood. Composed of similar substances, not to get into physics or chemistry. Read on »

Everything Changes Everything Changes

Everything we see or feel happened somewhere in the past. When we look at the stars in the sky at night, we see far, far back into the past. Read on »

Time Time

You can’t turn back time. Use it for beautiful moments. Make somebody else’s day, too. Invest it in a better self. Every day, every moment. Read on »

Being Happy Being Happy

If we’re happy, this doesn’t yet mean that our mouths have to always be stretched to a smile. Being happy means being satisfied with yourself. Read on »

Awaken The Genius Awaken The Genius

A genius is an especially creative person with high intellectual capabilities. A question that comes to our mind is: Are geniuses born or do they become geniuse in life? Read on »

Gratitude And Satisfaction Gratitude And Satisfaction

Gratitude is one of the most important areas of personal development. We’re always in need of something. We think so, at least. Read on »

Experience Inner Peace Experience Inner Peace

Everyone longs for inner peace, which will be an oasis beside everyday work. Perhaps you wish for a moment of remoteness from all of life’s obligations. Read on »

Death Death

This will happen in any case even though we’re the greatest optimists. Maybe we’ll die of old age, maybe due to an unfavourable set of circumstances or disease. Read on »

Conclusion Conclusion

Whatever we’re supposed to do in life, our deeds won’t matter to the universe in the end; they’ll be pointless and barely perceivable. Read on »

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