The Immune System

Imagine the immune system as a barrel which is being filled and emptied. It’s filled by the good things and emptied by the bad.

Unfortunately, there are too many factors in the modern world which empty that barrel. Emptying of the barrel makes the immune system weak, which is reflected in a cold or some other disease. Then you spend a few days wrapped up in a blanket or with a cup of tea in your hand.

The functioning of the immune system of each individual totally depends on their physical condition and lifestyle. It’s important for you that you can boost your immunity and make your immune system stronger. A good idea is to take up light running where you increase its length weekly. If your immune system is already weak, you have a stressful life and you take up running of several kilometres from one day to the next, believe me, this won’t do your body any good.

How do you know you have a weak immune system? During that time, you wait at the doctor’s or queue in the pharmacy every few weeks or months. During cold and flu season, every little thing gets hold of you. After a night out you need more than three days to get back to normal.

What factors make our immune system weaker?

  • communicable diseases, viruses, bacteria,
  • stress,
  • poor air quality, ozone, gases, chemicals,
  • cigarettes, alcohol and other drugs,
  • lack of sleep,
  • poor human interactions or if there are none,
  • lack of exercise or exposure to sunshine,
  • unhealthy diet,
  • lack of laughing.

In essence, it’s possible to avoid all of the factors on the list or take them into your own hands. You have your immune system to protect you and each factor will make it improve slowly. However, in this modern age, there’s a fast food restaurant at every corner, we live in cities, breathing in exhaust gases at the roadsides and exaggerate our alcohol intake. We go to stressful jobs where we’re set time limits and spend work breaks holding a cigarette in our hand. For whole days we stay indoors, in cars and busses. We get home overworked and sleep only a couple of hours a night. All of these things take away our energy and make our immune systems weaker.

The optimum sleep duration should be seven to nine hours.

Of course, our goal isn’t to not need the immune system at all. This would be nonsense. Our immune system is there to fight against harmful factors. If there were no adverse factors, our immune system would become idle and turn against itself.

Therefore, we have to keep our immune system balanced. In particular stress, all negative feelings, such as anger, jealousy or hatred are poison for our body. An efficient immune system won’t find it hard to block and destroy viruses passed from your work colleague. Even a night out every now and then won’t cause any specific problems.

Laugh! Laughing improves the immune system. Think positively, play and, above all, do things that make you happy. You can buy pills, but not health. 

The Immune System
May 2016

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