The Key To Success

A short answer to the question of what the key to success is in the selected activity: several (ten) thousand hours of practice, experience or working hours. 

In this way, you’ll surely become a master of a branch. Did you hope for something easier? Hey, if it were easy, everyone would become extremely successful, right?

We all come to this world with no experience whatsoever. We gather experience on our life path and we determine the pace ourselves. If we want to be successful in the selected activity, we have to invest a lot of time in it, this is something we can’t do without. He who wants to create success sooner, has to invest his time in a certain idea, skill or product earlier. Whatever you do, it won’t happen without investments. Thus, the first investment won’t be money but time spent for practice, work or training.

Let us take for example the playing of instruments: four hours a day for the next ten years and you’ll easily perform on a stage and play almost everything your heart may desire. The question is whether you’re prepared to invest that much time in one activity? If you add the next ten or twenty years’ practice, you’ll be virtually invincible in the chosen skill. For sure!

Maybe nothing special will happen, although you already have a few thousand hours of practice. Some fields require a lot more. These are, in particular, those fields where there’s significant competition and the number of places is limited. You’ll find it much harder and need much more effort to fill a vacant place for an astronaut, who is to set out on a mission to Mars, than the place of a leisure pilot or a flight instructor.

Maybe you develop a new product which isn’t already present on the market and will be to the benefit of a wider range of people. In such fields where there’s less or almost no competition, you should succeed the fastest. The difference is that these non-competitive activities need more creativity on the other hand.

However, you don’t wake up creative one day just like that. Besides talent, creativity is a skill like all other things. To become exceptionally creative you also need time, experience and above-average thinking.

What else is important on the way to success?

Have a clearly defined goal of what you want to become and where you’re sailing to. Let self-confidence help you to this end. Trust in yourself and your abilities. Work on yourself. After the “ordered” work is carried out, find and do some work on your own initiative. More than is vitally necessary.

Be ingenious and active. You can obtain a degree from any university and read all the essential books, but that knowledge won’t bring you any benefit if you don’t start using the knowledge in practice.

As, among other things, written by Napoleon Hill: “Don’t wait. The time will never be just right.”

That’s why you have to start today.

In all that stay positive, full of life and enthusiasm. Set yourself business goals and priorities. Distribute your time. Don’t forget your friends and acquaintances. You won’t succeed alone, therefore socialise with different people from various professions. What can you offer them and what can they offer you? Above all, socialise with successful people from other areas, as you can form a successful team with them covering a much wider area and exchanging wider ideas.

The Key To Success
May 2016

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