The Law Of Attraction

We all want certain material or immaterial things in life. The way to them always starts with our wishes, ideas.

Perhaps we wish for a new, red bike. If we were still children, we would write a letter to Santa. We would write that we were very nice and that this year we wanted a new bike under the Christmas tree. Then Santa would come down through the chimney and the red bike would be waiting for us under the tree.

We could call this process the law of attractiveness. The beginning is an unstoppable desire, and the end an actual bike. Why not becoming a magnet attracting things we want in our grown-up lives, too?

Here, we have to be necessarily aware that it isn’t enough to sit in an armchair and imagine an ideal house. Then, out of curiosity, look every few minutes out of the window and, disappointed, find out that you still live in the same old shack and there’s still an old, rusty car in front of the house. Maybe you daydream about your ideal partner. You have already imagined a female partner with a sporty figure, with long brown hair, an open character, a musician at heart … in every detail, but she still hasn’t knocked on your front door! Then, with sadness in your heart, you ask yourself about the existence of this law of attractiveness.

Why doesn't it work? Because you forgot the other part of the law saying that you have to start working in that direction! If you want to meet the aforementioned person, you have to go out! Maybe to a concert or sign up for guitar lessons, or join a music band or attend a picnic. Your task is to take matters into your own hands, to start and take action. Other things will really then be taken care of.

How to imagine the law of attractiveness with your new ideal house? Visualise the house in minute detail. What colour it should be, how many rooms it should have, the colour of the roof, location and neighbourhood, surroundings, terrace, interior, ceramic tiles etc. Write all of those things down on paper, make sketches, draw. Describe. Find pictures on the Internet. Then find the actual location of the house, enquire about prices. Start looking in catalogues of types of houses or design your own one. Enquire about finances, make a financial plan and calculations. Don’t stop! Move. When short of money, read the chapter on earning money. Find a way to fulfil your dream!

According to this law you can also attract similar people around you. It’s logical, think about it: Successful people socialise with each other, positive people socialise with positive people and on the other hand negative people socialise with negative people, likewise people who like discussing politics socialise with each other. Fans of the same musical genre gather to hear similar music. People gather in groups according to their religion, profession, prevailing emotions (happy, sad). They all attract each other. Not because of their outward appearance but because of their inwardness. And you can change your inwardness by yourself in any way you want to.

So: What kind of people do you want to attract into your life?

Clearly, the thing won’t come true from one day to the next. But perhaps it will today already. Maybe in a few years’ time. Don’t let yourself be stopped by obstacles. There will always be obstacles. Maybe in the form of a lack of money or something else. Find and concentrate on the solutions and not on the problems! For every solution a problem can be found and for every problem a solution can be found.

As written in the Gospel of Matthew:

“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to he who knocks it will be opened“ (Mt 7,7–8).

Start with a wish and persist to the end! It helps some people to write down or draw the thing that they want in their lives so much on a card. Over a hard time and long difficult days you’ll need it. Only a glimpse of it will be enough to make you float away into a world of dreams for a few moments, to remember the main reason why you toil away from dawn to dusk. In this way you can recharge your batteries at least for a while.

No break.

The good or the bad thing about the law of attractiveness is that it works with no interruption and in “both directions”. In thinking about negative things only: that it’s not possible to succeed in entrepreneurship, that nobody likes you and that life is hard, you consequently attract failure and trouble only. Remember that!

What do the majority of people think about most of the time?

As Henry Ford put it nicely:
“If you think you can do a thing or think you can’t do a thing, you’re right."

The Law Of Attraction
May 2016

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