Time is the only thing you have no control over. All other things can be managed somehow. You can move in space. 

Walk forwards or backwards, left, right and jump into the air or bury yourself in the ground. You can make friends or enemies. You can love or hate. You change the space around you to your own wishes. Change it like modelling clay. Create this or that. You can buy things and make huge amounts of money. But you can in no way either buy or turn back time. We all know that! But how many of you are really aware of that?

To us it doesn’t matter when and how time was created and when it’ll end. What matters to us is, in particular, that tiny interval from our birth to our death. How and who do we spend it with? Do we make positive changes in our lives? Do we live stressfully? Productively and creatively?

The moment you become fully aware of this is the moment you take on a different perspective of time. So you’ll never be bored again and you’ll never again spend it on things where you don’t see useful results.

Results don’t mean something tangible. It can be a simple phone call to an old friend making both of your days. Thus the result is considered in terms of kindness and satisfaction when you give yourself or some other person a beautiful moment. In everything you do ask yourself what positive results you can expect and offer. Always. Then do this in real life.

It can happen quite fast for you to wake up one day almost old and ask yourself, where has the time gone and where are some results? What have you been doing all this time? If you do in every single moment exactly what you like doing, including spending time with people important to you and being active in that, you don’t have to fear any longer ever regretting the moments spent.

As you become a more active human being, you’ll sooner or later find an action which may not correspond to your good belief. In the end, it may come out as a bad action or others will take the incident as your mistake. Don’t let this pull you down. We all make mistakes. It’s human. Don’t look for understanding in other people, you don’t need that. At that moment you were acting according to your current best belief at the time. Maybe you got carried away, as we like to say. No one has absolute control in completely all situations.

So, don’t beat yourself up if you have made some mistake. Let the mistake become a part of you and learn from it as much as possible. And, above all, don’t repeat it.

Distribute your activities over the day and include socialising with family, friends and people you want to spend personal and business moments together with. Time is the most valuable item in life, use it economically. This way, you’ll never be sorry.

As we have established, time is the greatest investment we can dedicate to someone else. Time a boy dedicates to his girlfriend, a parent to their child or a fire-fighter to those in need. When sitting with someone over a cup of coffee, a smile can appear on your face solely due to the fact that the conversational partner could be spending these moments with anybody. But he chose you. Isn’t that nice?

You can create a perfect timetable according to your opinion. Work, adrenaline, meditation, cooking, a hobby, some sport, playing with children, socialising and fun. No matter how you’re going to arrange your schedule and activities, you’ll get into a rut sooner or later – due to a repeating pattern. Maybe the routine will be to set out to the hills every Saturday morning. Therefore, interrupt the routine deliberately every now and then, unwind from the daily routine. Take time for yourself only or do a thing which is the total opposite of your routine activities.

Don’t forget: you can’t turn back time. Use it for beautiful moments. Make somebody else’s day, too. Invest it in a better self. Every day, every moment.

May 2016

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