What Others Think Of Us?

A perpetual question. Whatever we do, will do or say, we’re always worried how others might react.

What will they say? We think too much about how we should perform in the eyes of observers. The problem is that we think about it far more than is necessary. Perhaps because of this thinking we then do nothing at all. Because we do nothing, we simply become an observer of others. Which side would you rather be on?

When we performed badly or embarrassed ourselves in front of an “audience”, we think about this for the next few weeks. This takes our energy away and destroys us. We have no control over past events. We should rather remember the lesson. Learn from our mistakes and find positive things. Laugh to ourselves, then leave the event behind and move forward.

We have to completely stop thinking about what other people think of us. Whatever a person may think, this has completely no meaning in the end whatsoever. Maybe they’ll frown upon us, but this is entirely their view, not ours. It depends on us, how we’ll accept their disgust. How we will react. We’re all flesh and blood and if someone takes joy in our slip-ups, this tells a great deal about that person. If someone could judge others at all, then it would be us who could judge him/her. But we won’t do that. We’ll tap them on their shoulder and say: “You’re right!”

It’s very likely that we exaggerate in thinking about how others think of us, our problems and incidents. We take it all too personally. We find it a tragedy while for them it is only a fad. They’ll forget it with the first wind.

You have no impact on what others may think of you. So stop thinking about it. It’s a waste of time! But you have an influence on what you do. Do good and you no longer have to think about that at all. Let them think what they want.


Life’s too short to devote time to negative thoughts.

By the way, sometimes a slip-up isn’t as bad at all as it may seem at first sight. Negative news spreads much faster than good news.

What Others Think Of Us?
May 2016

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